What is the Best Strategy to Beat Low Stakes Poker?

Who can keep up with the different number of strategies available these days? There seems to be different ideas every month. At the end of the day, we’re all trying to do the same thing: win. But how and what’s the best way to do it? In this article we’re going to offer a few practical tips to help you beat the low stake games online and in your local casino too.

Exploit weaknesses

The most practical way to beat players in the low buy in cash games is to take advantage of their weaknesses. This is commonly known as “exploitative poker” playing. The idea behind it is to not worry about playing a perfect and balanced game yourself but to exploit other’s failings. For instance, if a player is prone to calling large bets on the river, reduce your bluffs and value bet big amounts to get maximum pay off. Texas Hold’em Questions stay “exploitative poker strategy is better for players in low stakes cash games and tournaments”. They have a training model around this method and are confident it will yield positive returns.

Find the perfect number of tables

Secondly, the best way to win low stakes is to ensure you are playing the right number of tables. Just because a site allows up to 10 or 20 doesn’t mean that’s right for you. Instead, find the appropriate number that allows you to play very well and not distracted or scratching your head. If you are starting out or inexperienced, we recommend sticking with 2 tables maximum. Gradually you can add a few more if needs be.

Tighten up early position

The most profitable positions in poker come from later positions. That’s not to say to earlier positions won’t generate winnings but you can’t expect win loads by playing speculative hands from early. The reason is simple, low stakes players are quite loose. They will play more hands in position against you and you’ll be playing multi-way more often too. Therefore, you need to throw away the marginal hands from the earlier positions.

Don’t assume they think like you

The biggest mistake players make is assuming others think like they do. This is a gross error online. Most players don’t think too much or worry about what you’re thinking. They are just playing their cards. As you move up stakes the players are more advanced but at NL $25 and below, the typical player is not thinking advanced like you may be. They won’t be turning into a professional poker player any time soon. If you assume they are, you will lose value and have your bluffs called more.

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