Baccarat – What Beginners Should Know About This Game

Baccarat is recognized as one of the best casino games and shares the spot with blackjack, slot machines, roulettes, and many more. Before the American casino-goers caught wind of this card game, it was originally played in the countries of France and Italy. But it was eventually introduced in casinos located in Asia and the United States, where it became even more popular especially to those new to the world of casinos.

One thing that people love about this game is that the rules are easy to learn and it’s easy to play. Unlike other casino games where you have to study some strategies to have better chances of winning, baccarat isn’t like that. Although it’s true that you still need to practice, it won’t take you that long to learn the skills and the basics of playing baccarat.

Seasoned players won’t find it hard to play the game anymore because they know the basics and have played the game before, whether it’s in an actual casino or in an online casino. But for those new or who have no prior knowledge of the table game, then you’ve come to the right place. What you’ll be reading next are vital information you need to know if you’re planning to test your luck and play this game soon.

Three possible outcomes – When you first start playing the game, you will be asked to place your bets on the player, the banker or a tie. While there’s a small chance of it occurring, a tie wager pays the winner 8:1 or 9:1. But this means that you lose big too. So it’s either you bet on the player with a 1.24% house edge or the banker with a 1.06% house edge. Either way, you’re getting a good wager here.

Online casinos are a good starting point for beginners – Newbies may find it difficult at first, but playing in a baccarat site has its advantages. One of which is you get the chance of playing the game without betting real money. Free modes are available for those who’d like to familiarize themselves first and practice before playing in a “real money baccarat game.”

Card total should be closer to nine – To win, your card’s total value should be worth nine or close to nine. Tens and face cards amount to zero, cards two to nine amount to their face value, and aces amount to one point. For two-digit card values, the first digit is dropped down and you’ll be left with the card value (eight and five equals 13, the score is three).

Games are based on luck – While learning strategies will help you win in other casino games, you won’t be needing that in baccarat. It’s probably testing their luck that draws in casino-goers to play a game or two and it’s especially why Asians love it because they’re allowed to do their rituals in the hope of influencing the odds. The result is random and there are only three possible outcomes.

What was once a game only for wealthy people can now be played by people of all ages and economic statuses. Go ahead and join the excitement of playing a game or two of baccarat even if you’re only a beginner.

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